Need to reach a lot of people quickly?

At Dial M for Mercury, we provide you with the tools & technology to communicate effectively. Whether for emergencies, order confirmation, or product announcements, our line of "Virtual Call Centers" will enable your organization to place phone calls & e-mails to thousands of contacts, quickly, easily — and without requiring any phone lines or equipment.
Schedule changes, Phone Trees, Product announcements, Order & Delivery confirmation. The applications for our products are both endless — and priceless. Find out more about how our products can save you time, money — and even save the day.
Industry trends, tutorials, and articles: Learn more about telephony applications & technology, and how people in various industries are using our products to more effectively communicate.
We believe that once you take the Mercury Messenger System for a spin, you'll never want to be separated from it again. So, for a limited time, we are offering a Free 15-day Trial. Learn more about our Free Trial here.
Dial M for Mercury offers three product lines, designed to provide a powerful, economical solution to any problem.
At Dial M for Mercury, we offer a range of service plans for all types and sizes of businesses & organizations.
Plans start at just $5 a month — and all included calls are free!
Visit our Literature section to find Product brochures & data sheets, as well as downloadable versions of our advertisements and radio ads.